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´╗┐Prospect of Milan VS Verona: Seedorf Milan first or evolutions against them NetEase sports in January 18th reported: Beijing time on January 20th at three forty-five in the morning, Serie A will start the twentieth round of the fight, AC Milan will return home court against Verona. This game is the Milan coach Seedorf took office after the first battle, the Rossoneri try to keep unbeaten home court in Verona. One point: the coach Seedorf Seedorf took over Milan's opener, become a new manager; epicycle league matches against Sassolo, Seedorf will be the coach of the Milan debut. According to the "Mediaset" reports, against Verona Mesidorf will select 4231 lineups, posing in front of four attackers, Kaka, Balotelli, Honda Keisuke and Robinho volley, improve the viewing of the game, team president Berlusconi to cater to the preferences of. Just this formation will cause the Milan attack strong keep weak, whi Louis Vuitton Kartenetui le the top scorer Toni scoring ability of Verona is extremely strong, is currently ranked shooter announcement fifth; ahead of Toni after the striker Frelo is second, and Milan the most goals like Balotelli scored 7 goals; so Milan want to win is not easy, after all, in Milan first half to the season record of worse because of poor defense, averaging 1.58 goals conceded that Seedorf should be in the light of this problem is improved. Two things: Milan VS Verona Verona is a dark horse in Serie A this season in the League a dark horse, the 19 game in the first half to the season 10 wins 2 flat 7 negative they accumulated 32 points in the standings in sixth place, to 10 points higher than the 11 ranking in Milan. Although the history of the two teams in 54 meetings, Milan 23 wins and 23 draws and 8 defeats occupy absolute advantage, but this season first round against Verona at home in Milan, 2-1 reversal. But all of Verona beat Milan to win all at home get, Milan has never been in the San Siro lose to Verona; the current round of the Rossoneri c Louis Vuitton Handytasche an continue to hold the home to Verona's unbeaten Jinshen, is a big attraction of the game. Three things: whether Honda Keisuke won Serie A debut goal this winter to join Honda Keisuke in Milan, last weekend in Milan against SA Thoreau substitute appearances in games finished his debut, his shot hit the goalpost nearly scoring, and repeatedly making threats. This week in the Italy Cup final 1/8, Honda start for the first time, and improve the first goal scored after joining Milan Louis Vuitton Aktentasche . Join now to Milan, Honda participated in two games, his performance as expected good, so Honda epicycle league performance even more exciting. Prediction of first AC Milan (4231): Abbiati / Dechy Leo, Bonera, Zapata, Ella Nur Ma Sen / Montolivo, De Jong / Robinho / Balotelli, Kaka, Honda Keisuke

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